Welcome to the CRAAP test. Sarah Blakeslee implemented the CRAAP test, and we have modified this test to be useful for everybody searching the CRAAP test tool for authentication of academic research.


CRAAP Test is helpful for the educator and the teacher to find out whether the source related to academics is authentic or not. The numbers of sources are available on the internet in a huge bundle.

The CRAAP Test is the acronym for Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy, and Purpose. It is not easy to find out whether the source is trustworthy to use as a tool of research or not. Sarah Blakeslee has developed the CRAAP Test with her team at California University, Chico.

The resources have to go through the five steps of verifications. A higher education librarian uses the test to know the truth of academic research. Evaluate sources before spreading with people.

What is The CRAAP Test?

The CRAAP Test is the best way to evaluate the content available on the net. There are many other tests also to find the reliability of the content.

The CRAAP Test is the first evaluating test online to check the research is valid or not. The test gives a 100% accurate result, and that is why whenever anybody is interested in checking the content is true or not, the CRAAP Test is always the priority.

How Can CRAAP Test Help You?

CRAAP Test understands its reliability. It gives the right direction to find out the truth of academic research and assure whether to use the source as a tool for research or not. The test saves time and energy in evaluating the content available on the internet.

Suppose users are in the academic field and found doing the research online. Then use the CRAAP Test before trusting any new information from any media (like Facebook, News, Websites, or any other social media) to find out the truth behind the scene.

How Does CRAAP Test Works?

The CRAAP Test works on the five significant steps, i.e., Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy, and Purpose. Each step comprises the number of questions, and the user has to answer accordingly.

There are 26 questions, and users have to answer either yes or no. Once all the questions of each step are an attempt, then the reliability score is calculated. CRAAP Test will give the right direction to help the reader find out whether to trust the resources.

Evaluate Source With The CRAAP Test

Timeline about information is published or posted, whether the information is updated or revised, and the link is functional or not.
It checks whether the information is related to the topic, does the resource appropriately, and can use it in a research paper.
To build the readers' trust boundary by giving details of an author (Qualification, affiliation), the publisher, and sponsor before trusting the information and website.
Look at the correctness of the content. The information must have on the evidence presented to the audience. Check the language tone, grammar mistakes, and other typographical errors.
Purpose To find out the purposes of information, to inform, teach, sell, entertain or persuade. Help the researcher to find out whether the information is right for their research or not.